Thank you Poema!

 The past half year was very eventful with many highlights. After the ISSAC conference and the summer break, the last Poema workshop took place in Paris. The exciting talks were accompanied by concluding scientific discussion. In the following months, my work was devoted to finalizing my doctoral thesis. The defense took place in December at Inria in front of the jury formed by  Christine Bachoc , Laurent Baratchart , Evelyne Hubert , Victor Magron , Gabriele Nebe and Frédéric Patras . With the new year began a new era: I started a postdoctoral research position at the University of Kaiserslautern with Ulrich Thiel . I want to take this occasion to thank the members and organizers of the Poema network. It gave me the possibility to explore new frontiers as a researcher and opened international opportunities. The bonds we formed over the last three years will surely give rise to new collaborations and joint works in the future.

ISSAC 2022

 During the last two weeks in Norway, I was able to meet many PhD candidates from all across the world at the wonderful Nordfjordeid summer school. We learnt a lot about real and tropical algebraic geometry. I am looking forward to return next year. Next week, there is not only the Tour de France in Lille, but also the ISSAC conference. With my colleagues, we are happy to contribute a poster on orbit spaces and trigonometric optimization to this important event. I hope to see many old and new faces from the computer algebra community.

MOMI 2022 and Norway in June

 INRIA is currently hosting the event MOMI 2022 where industry and academia meet during an exciting two day program. A great opportunity for PhD students to engage in discussions on new innovations and get insights into research conducted by companies! Next month, I will spend two weeks in Norway. First, I will visit the department of mathematics at the UiT Tromsø to meet with Cordian Riener . Afterwards, I am looking forward to the summer school in Nordfjordeid, which I will attend together with Arne Lien from POEMA.

POEMA Interactions in April

After two busy months with a talk at the french Computeralgebra days and a publication with Evelyne Hubert and Cordian Riener, the month of April promises to bring new projects. At Inria, we are happy to welcome Arne Lien and Sebastian Debus , who will spend their secondments here during the coming weeks. As the recent workshop in Tilburg could only take place virtually, it is good to meet other students from the POEMA project again in person. This gives the opportunity to discuss new problems and we are planning for a presentation of interesting results in the near future.

Sebastian Debus' secondment and events in February

 Last month, Sebastian Debus from UiT Tromso spent the first month of his secondment at INRIA Mediterranee. The secondment is supervised by Evelyne Hubert . It was very interesting to learn about Sebastian's research and we had the chance to work on a trasnfer to multiplicative invariants. Early examples look promising. In February, there are two events. The fourth POEMA workshop will take place this week. The last day of the conference is organised by the POEMA ESRs and we will not only hear three interesting talks on polynomial optimization with an algebraic, numerical and optimization background, but also learn about the application process for Marie Cury postdocs. The french computer algebra days JNCF will take place at the end of February/beginning of march at Luminy, Marseille.

POEMA Industrial Workshop

 With POEMA, we do not only conduct academic research, but also get to know the industrial partners. For the last weeks, I worked with NAG during a secondment and could experience the differences between academics and industry. This is a great opportunity for PhD students. The POEMA Industrial Workshop takes place next week at INRIA and NAG will present partial results of this secondment. I am also going to give a talk on Friday and look forward to see the other ESRs.

POEMA Learning Week and CIRM Conference

 The last two months were quite eventful in terms of academic events and exchange: At the second POEMA Learning Week in Toulouse, the ESRs of POEMA could finally meet again in person after one and a half year since the first workshop in Florence. This large gap showed, how much the ESRs have grown and developed in their work. Luckily, I could also meet with Philippe Moustrou , who is now at Bordeaux, to discuss about our joint work. After this learning week, we prepared for a CIRM conference on root systems in modern analysis . This conference took place last week at Luminy, Marseille and my supervisor Evelyne Hubert and I each gave a talk. The slides can be found here .